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Pay per click

Pay per click (PPC) is a unique marketing tool in which Ads created for the client’s website work like this the advertiser agrees to place an ad on a specific website. That ad connects with a link to the advertiser’s website. The ad displayed a fee every time a user clicks on the link in the Ads. It is a cost-effective way. It can boost page ranking where you can get more website traffic, leads and sales.

It is simple but very effective ways to drive more traffic to any website with PPC. It can help you to boost your brand validity and can assist with improving your online revenue. It can create traffic instantly through Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and more. Intelisparkz can help any size of the business to be developed. PPC is our passion and we believe that every business should have the opportunity to experience the growth they have never imagined. We can help you throughout your business no matter what your budget may be. It is the route that allows the advertiser to bid for ad placement in the search engine’s sponsored links when any person searches on a keyword.



Search advertising is an effective way of advertising that places online advertisements in search engine result. This is one of the easiest tools that bring more traffic to your site for which you have to do the proper placement of the keywords with the words for the perfect strategy that works for your needs.


Display advertising provides a commercial message by using texts, logos, messages, animation, graphics and photographs that will bring more benefit than you might think. It can enhance your business by tracking the behavior of the individual to retarget the targeted audiences.


Remarketing is the way of presenting the ads in front of the people who may not have made an immediate purchase but attract the targeted audience to visit the website. It is a very cost-effective method of reminding visitors to buy the offerings.


Our Customization in Web Development solutions provide you with a reliable, and user-friendly website.


We provide Plug-In and Module Development for the better functionality of your website.


Social Media ad is the form of Internet marketing which increases your brand presence, broaden the customer reach and drive traffic to your website.