Consulting For SDH Implementation

Our social determinate of health framework will provide an integrated plan of approach to the corporate and state & federal government .It will ensure the CSR funds are implemented towards needy people and their social lives is getting improved within a specified time period.

  • Social Determinate of Health

Social Determinate of Health

Social determinants of healthĀ are theĀ social, financial and physical environment factors that impact well-being; our framework will help the state, federal government and chief implementation officer of corporate social responsibility office to invest the fund towards right communities to create a healthier population, society, and workforce. Our social determinate of health framework focus on building and providing the insights related to following four key areas:

  • Economic stability (Employment, Food and poverty support)
  • Education (Childhood Education to Higher education, Language and Literacy)
  • Health and Health Care (Access to healthcare, preventive and wellness ,Alternative care and health education)
  • Healthy Environment building (Food availability based on healthy eating patterns, ecological surroundings creation, Housing scheme for needy people)
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  • Training and Education Services

Training and Education Services

Domain and process training

  • Training the healthcare professionals, health workers, school teachers and other authorities such as policy makers about the priority of health and how is it impacting the social needs and assisting them for becoming more socially accountable.


  • Counseling related to environmental, inherit disadvantage, infant mortality by field workers after understanding of background of an individual or a community and monitor the improvement of their daily lives
  • Career development Counseling interventions to address the barriers for obtaining higher education ,employment ,identical development issue, mental health disorder ,low academic progress and provide adequate support to reach their goals.
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  • IT Services Procurement Consulting

IT Services Procurement Consulting

Our Procurement consultant will work with your procurement leader to understand the department wise spending trends and vendor performance. The assessment reports will help to benchmark the vendor performance based on defined parameters, market price of the services with high performing available vendors, risk analysis of vendor switching based on master service agreements data, in-between price negotiation suggestions etc., which enable healthcare organization to optimize their year on year(YOY) spending.

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