Business Sustainability & Growth Consulting

Accomplish your strategic growth and business sustainability through our most experienced industry advisors and research consultants to define your feature strategy and actionable roadmap.

  • Business Sustainability and Growth Consulting

Strategy and Advisory Services

Our strategy and advisory consultingĀ services consists of four disciplines:

  • Corporate Strategy-Our strategic advisors will work with your top executives to define vision, mission and strategy towards future growth.
  • Strategic Advisoryā€“ Our strategy advisor will carry out In-depth assessment of existing business and define strategic options, business processes and develop growth agendaā€™s which will help the corporate to enter into a new market or shift towards a new business model for their sustainability.
  • M&A Strategy – Our strategic advisors will define the M&A strategy, execute the commercial due diligence, create the merger business case and design roadmap for successful integration.
  • Functional Strategy- Our strategic advisors will work with each functions of the organization and develop strategic plan and roadmap across the value chain of organizational functions. The services can range from redesigning organization structures and corporate governance, assessing organization competitiveness, developing human capital strategies and supporting strategic change management programs etc.
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  • Market Analysis and Research

Market Analysis and Research

Our mission is to help organizations to be more successful and innovative with meaningful data. Our SMEā€™s uses robust research methodologies for primary and secondary research and as well uses various proprietary databases and frequently connect with industry experts to understand the market dynamic and create high quality research reports which enable organizations to plan strategically for their future.

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  • IT Services Procurement Consulting

IT Services Procurement Consulting

Our Procurement consultant will work with your procurement leader to understand the department wise spending trends and vendor performance. The assessment reports will help to benchmark the vendor performance based on defined parameters, market price of the services with high performing available vendors, risk analysis of vendor switching based on master service agreements data, in-between price negotiation suggestions etc., that enable organizations to optimize their year on year(YOY) spending.

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